This catalogue is published on the occasion of Thomas Reinhold’s exhibition at the Galerie Leonhard, Graz. It contains an essay by Ingo Nussbaumer, in which he coins the term „Inabstract Art“.


Colloquy on Painting - 2004

The book addresses painting through the agency of a precisely designed, multilingual collage of texts and images. Aside from the discourse contained in the colloquy itself, this publication presents a selection of Thomas Reinhold’s paintings created over a period of almost twenty years and juxtaposes them with quotes taken from world literature, philosophy, religion, colour-, and music theory.


Way of Painting - 1997

In the 80s, Thomas Reinhold’s works were still included under the heading of „New Austrian Painting“. Today, as his painting style has become devoid of any Expressionism typical of „New Wild Painters“, it differs even more from the tradition of fine arts in Austria. Thomas Reinhold has created an artistic world in its own right, based on color harmony and space effects.

Ariane Neuberger, catalogue Thomas Reinhold, Way of Painting, Secession Vienna